Creating is a way of life


I’ve actually been sticking to my schedule this summer and creating a piece of art a day.  I have moved on from the coasters and have been doing large pieces…..well large pieces to me up to about 11×17.  (Those are much bigger than a 3×3 coaster lol.)  I am looking into a class at Jenny Doh‘s studio with Flora Bowley.  She uses big canvases, a lot of paint and an almost abstract but not exactly style.  She has amazing colors in her pieces and can do amazing things with paint.

I’ve been creating mixed media pieces left and right and have actually been putting them up on my etsy (  Mention “Making the Everyday Beautiful” in the notes to seller and get 5% off your order.

My life started on a much different track.  Going to school and planning on getting a masters in forensic psychology and dealing with the criminally insane was the theory.  Then the fibromyalgia struck and everything changed.  I went from carrying 18 units and working 20+ hours a week to sleeping 20+ hours at a time.  The only thing that got me through constant pain and debilitating sleeping patterns was creating things.  For the couple hours a day I’m awake I am covered in paint.  It morphed from creating to get through the anxiety attacks and pain to creating for others to heal.  Now I put my stuff up for the public to see, to buy to do what they will with it.  It is my creation but I hope it brings happiness to someone like the process of creating it in those few fleeting hours where I’m not a pile of pain pills and brain mush has brought to me.

I take orphan photos, rusty bits, ephemera and everything I can find to make my creations.  I take the old, the ordinary, the mundane and transform it into something beautiful.

Creating will make you strong.



The Coaster a Day Project – Getting Started


I’ve started this little project to keep in the swing of creativity during the summer.  I’m mostly a student and I sell my art and jewelry on the side.  Since we had extreme budget cutbacks at school there weren’t any art classes to take for the summer term… I am creating my own.

Every day I create an approximately 3×3 art piece on a coaster.  I found these coasters in the dollar bin at Target awhile ago and of course can’t find them now, but chipboard or mini canvases would serve the same purpose….these were just cheap.  The problem with using these coasters were that they were actually laminated so I have to peel the lamination off the coaster, sand them, wipe them down and then gesso them.  It takes a little work but I just sit down in front of the TV and do about 30 at a stretch.

This is the before (all nice straight out of the package) and after (after the lamination had been removed, the coaster has been sanded and i wiped them down to remove any dust).

You can wipe the coasters down with a tack cloth (you know the kind you use for sanding wood) or I just use some paper towels with a little rubbing alcohol on them.  The rubbing alcohol helps  the dust stick to the towel and it dries fast so you don’t have sopping wet coasters.



Then you gesso the coasters.  I used white gesso on mine, but there are a wide variety of gesso colors.  Please don’t skip this step, no matter what your medium is.  After the gesso dries…you are free to start creating.  Use old ephemera…paint a masterpiece…create a mini scrapbook page.  I am using these to try techniques and experiment….get the kinks worked out before those larger pieces are started.